Friday, May 25, 2012

We Help You Get Caught Up With Unfiled Tax Returns

At the Gerald Yarborough, CPA firm we help you get caught up with unfiled tax returns.

Many small business owners and individuals come to us because they haven’t filed tax returns for a number of years. The IRS may have contacted them because of their failure to file or they may want to catch-up on their filings for other reasons. In either event, we assist with the best program tailored to their individual need to solve the non-filing problem to their best advantage.

Many times we access our clients’ information from the IRS database plus we use the information provided by our client. This approach helps us file tax returns that are all inclusive. An “all inclusive” tax return minimizes the chances that IRS will respond with an audit of the return or a request for additional information. It also makes the returns hassle free for the IRS and very unlikely to be an audit target. 

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