Monday, November 26, 2012

Gerald Yarborough, CPA Office Negoiated a $44,990 Reduction for a Client

 Fall Success Story

The Office of Gerald Yarborough, CPA just negotiated a $44,990 reduction for a client!

A realtor came to our office owing $130,000 in back income taxes.  This very nice lady had several properties paid for, and the IRS was threatening seizure on one of the properties in order to satisfy the tax debt.  Our office was able to successfully avoid any IRS seizure action and negoitated a $44,990 in penalty and interest abatements.  Our client satisfied the reduced tax liability and is now living tax debt free!

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Does an IRS Tax Debt Keep You Up At Night?

A good night's sleep is just a call away. Get out from under the crushing burden of IRS tax debt and eliminate those sleepless nights.

Your IRS debt weighs heavily on your mind. The stress and anxiety from aggressive IRS collection tactics like bank levies and wage garnishments cause many taxpayers to wrongly assume they have limited options. Let Gerald Yarborough, CPA help you take back control of your future and become Tax Debt Free. Call us at 1-800-270-8616 today.